Monday, September 13, 2010

TITUS made me do this

1. You could say I started blogging to inform the world that the CAMEL'S had a KING
or to share the delights of my LIFE.
But the truth is that David gave me a computer ! CHEER'S DAVE !
2.Columbia (not that one I would never come back alive) Recording studios N.Y.
to have THE WATERCATS recorded & produced by Daniel Lanois.
3. Primary school :- Miss Mergatroid (first romantic twitches)
Secondary school :- Mr Woolhead (whistling Jack)(gave me the portfolio prize for technical
drawing ,without a bribe)
4. GEORGE W BUSH (to ask him to apologize)
5. Over.
6.Debbi Thomas !
7.Bandit (dead but still with me) Rosie smaller version of Bandit (alive)
8. I don't live in a town but my nearest town is full of middle class wonabees, drunkydrugedscum & a castle.


  1. if I knew what you were talking about.. I'd probably agree with you.. but it's blindingly obvious camels have a king! there's no way they'd walk in those nice straight lines without some sort of governance (if that is even a word!)

  2. One of the strangest things is that even though I posed the questions, I have no idea what no. 6 was. I am currently imagining questions to which Debbi Thomas could be the answer.

    And Dave gave you a flat-screen-monitor-thing!?
    Ask him if he wants to be my friend.

    I also like the thought of binge trips to Columbia.

    No. 5: you are the King of the Camels.

  3. Debbi Thomas! As she is a figure skater, I assume she would be the painted figure head of your preferred mode of transport; 'the pirate ship' or is that Winifred Attwell?

    if I knew what I was on about I would agree with myself.
    Dorris Day !