Tuesday, October 20, 2009



  1. Now we know how peter pan gets there.. and where the lost boys come from?.... was that tommy cooper in his younger days?...

  2. You am de best!King of the Camels, King of the Crayolas.That is a fantastical witty inventive masterpiece and beautifully drawn.I would love A fez and particularly a pair o slippers like yer man.i'd say his feet are the same shape.Every house should have a twisty funnel like that for unsuspecting unwelcome guests.

  3. What a ride, your High-ness! Oh, I do love your drawings...are you channeling our beloved Dr. Seuss by any chance? He would be proud to see someone taking up where he left off.
    Thank you for this great ride into space...what we all need: a little space!


    no he didnt and no he isernt!

    having trouble getting my tubes past the Van Allen belt

  5. Jaanne
    yep i generally am in some space or the other!thanks for your niceness!

  6. Where can I get tickets for this ride?

  7. You did mean Jeanne, right? Visit my R.R. blog, K of C. I think you'd be intrigued with my spheres.

  8. I think Your Royal Highness of the dromedaries that in these few brief cyber seconds that you have been blogging that you have managed to sum up in the rather strange manifestations above what it is like for us mere humans to be exposed to the workings of your extraterrestrial mind. I however wouldn't say that they were Dr Suess as such, but more in line with Quentin Blake, him of Roald Dahl fame. To read of your travals among the beduin tribes with your ever presant Mr Redgreen reminds me of a strange house up in the mountains of Ireland where there lives amongst the moutain'y people a group of gleamers who fill their life's with music and stange adornments. I was wondering if you knew them, are they from the same planet???

  9. So is this you then The Ronald?? Should have realised.

    When i was a kid i used to daydream about having an immense waterslide that would get me to wherever i wanted to go - you can imagine how i felt when i saw that barclay advert (or whichever card it is) where the chap does that. And your picture is such fun :)

    the magic man that mends and saves human beings!
    MrRedgreen is meeting up with you tonight to get his legs fixed in the land of strange paintings and FREE vino!

    D.F.the PIXIE
    I used to go to work by tube! never heard of the Ronald!
    like your songs!

  11. So, where is the entrance to this tube ??? I'd like to observe your chemical testing process to ensure that it meets quality and safety standards and conforms to the code of camelized chemical testing, and then afterwards dive down that tube and fly off into space... yep, that looks like just the ticket...

  12. That's pretty neat. I wonder what it's like inside of the tube. I guess there is no return from this wild ride. :)